Fashion Clash Festival

Fashion Clash Festival 2021


fashion designer Teun Seuren

By Mijean Rochus

The last weekend of November, the city of Maastricht was dominated by the 13th edition of the FASHIONCLASH Festival. As planned, it was a hybrid edition with an online and offline program. Not only was the program of a hybrid design, the work presented showed the polyphony of a current generation of designers and artists.  With their own practice they moved in the hybrid domain of presentation forms and social engagement. This generation of designers and artists use fashion to empower. 

This time you could follow the FASHIONCLASH Festival completely online from your own location. Audience could watch livestreams of shows, performances and table discussions online. 

Fashion and culture lovers could discover work by a new generation of designers and artists from all over the world. The program with fashion presentations, exhibitions, theater and dance performances, short fashion films and conversations, showed projects that explore, contextualize and celebrate contemporary (fashion) culture. What is special about the FASHIONCLASH program is that projects are presented that are initiated by FASHIONCLASH itself in co-production with other organizations. Much attention was paid to inclusion, participation, social design and talent development. 

First we highlight designer Teun Seuren at the Clash House.The Clash House, one of FASHIONCLASH’s core projects, is a development program and showcase for innovative designers, focused on crossovers between fashion and other art disciplines. Participants are challenged to experiment with presentation forms in which storytelling and interaction play a major role.  

Fashion designer Teun Seuren was one of the designers to take central stage on The Clash House at Fashion Clash festival. 

The designer presented his new collection with an amazing performance called ‘FLAMBOYANCE’ the power of being very confident. 

TEUN is focused on showcasing a collection with a strong message. His work reflects on the urge of self-expression. His collection questions the world around us and plays with different perspectives of masculinity and femininity. The designer visualizes the euphoric but also tormenting sides that we as others constantly experience. “This show is a reflection of duality and the struggle with yourself to be yourself.”

Thank you fashion Clashion festival for making this fashion report possible.


Photo credit: Laura Knipsael –   

Mua:Inika Organic @Inikaorganic.benelux

Hair by Kevin.Murphy Nederland @kevinmurphynl

Nails by Manon van Eldik @manon_elvera

Shoes by @silhouette_schoenen

Fashion Clash Festival 2021: