Sculpture, one of the most ancient art forms is a practice that is continually evolving to broaden and challenge our expectations. Sculpture as an artistic practice encourages creative freedom. Materiality is at the very core of these three-dimensions art forms, anything from metal, clay, glass, wood, fabric and even found objects can be employed in a variety of techniques, from carving and welding to sewing and assembling. The tangible and textural nature of sculpture appeals to our visual and tactile sensibilities, engaging us on multiple levels. Discover three of our talented sculptors and ceramic artists, whose work focuses on minimalism and materiality.



Léa Munsch is a french ceramic artist who takes inspiration from nature to create her primarily unglazed pieces, which reveal the inherent texture and colour of the materials she employs. She explores the potentiality of clay in a spirit of lineage with ancient humans, bolstered by a vibrant curiosity and her instinct.

“Working with clay feels like a lineage with these times. Hands in the now are working with the same materials as then, with the same primordial connection to clay. It transcends time and space. I honor and explore this open field of possibilities with instinct and innocence.” – Léa Munsch



Cosmin Florea is a Bucharest based ceramist with a background in set design and fashion. Florea’s inspiration comes from reconnecting with the timeless beauty of Transylvanian villages, their yet-to-be-told stories, the natural beauty that surrounds them, and the richness of their arts and crafts heritage. The sincerity of nature, the profundity of being, and the exploration of an immense sense of full potential define his entire collection of artworks.



Birgitte Due Madsen is an art designer based in Copenhagen whose work revolves around quality and craftsmanship. By integrating materials such as gypsum, resin, concrete, or stone and using diverse techniques, along with her independent and modest approach, Birgitte aims to achieve her desired design concepts.


If one goes into the basic principles of geometry, the possibilities of form are endless.” – Birgitte Due Madsen


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